Fellows may rotate at one of five locations throughout the St. Louis area.

The Jacqueline Maritz Lung Center

The Jacqueline Maritz Lung Center is housed in the Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) at Washington University Medical Center. The Lung Center is a unique clinical setting which combines the talents of physicians with diverse interests in lung disease.

The Lung Center is staffed by allergists and immunologists, pulmonary physicians and chest surgeons. By combining these groups, virtually any patients with a complaint related to the lungs can be seen and referred to the proper physician in the shortest possible time.

Key services offered:

  • Pulmonary function laboratory
  • Chest X-ray facility
  • Access to CAT scans of the chest and paranasal sinus
  • Skin testing for routine, seasonal and perennial aeroallergens, specialized allergens (such as foods, drugs and latex)
  • Oral and inhalation challenge procedures

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The Asthma & Allergy Center West County

The Asthma & Allergy Center (TAAC) West County is located on the campus of Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital in suburban St. Louis County. TAAC is a full service allergy-pulmonary facility that provides care for a broad range of adult and pediatric patients with allergic and immunologic diseases.

In addition to patients with allergic rhino-conjunctivitis, there is a significant focus on the care of patients with asthma. TAAC has a nurse educator available for both adult and pediatric asthmatics.

A complete pulmonary function laboratory is located within TAAC and offers not only full pulmonary function testing (PFT) but also exercise challenges, bronchial inhalation challenges and cardio-pulmonary exercise (CPX) testing.

In addition to its focus on allergies and asthma, TAAC sees patient with chronic sinus disease. Rhinoscopic procedures are also available within the center. Finally, TAAC provides care for patients with adult or congenital immunodeficiencies, particularly common variable immunodeficiency syndrome. Infusions of IVIG or other immunomodulatory agents are available at this location.

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The Asthma & Allergy Center South County

Patients in south St. Louis County and southern Illinois now have access to a higher level of care closer to home. The Center for Advanced Medicine – South County opened in April 2016, and includes a wide range of specialties including allergy and immunology. The new outpatient facility, jointly owned by Barnes-Jewish Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine, is located near Siteman Cancer Center – South County at I-55 and Butler Hill Road. Pulmonary function testing is available at this location.


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