Dr. Ver Heul participates in neuroimmunology research published in The Annual Review of Immunology

Dr. Ver Heul’s latest research is in the burgeoning field of neuroimmunology. It is increasingly recognized that the immune system and nervous system cooperate to maintain health and that a breakdown in this cooperation underlies many chronic inflammatory diseases. In this review, Dr. Ver Heul and colleagues summarize the cutting edge of this field focusing on the skin as a paradigm of neuroimmune crosstalk.

Dr. Ver Heul participates in Crohn’s disease research published in Science

Dr. Ver Heul is a key contributor on a team seeking to understand how healing and inflammation become dysregulated in inflammatory bowel disease. The team recently found that a fungus found in many foods like cheese and meat can colonize injured intestinal tissue in patients with Crohn’s Disease, which impairs healing and leads to more inflammation. Beyond inflammatory bowel disease, these findings may inform the search for similar factors in other inflammatory disorders at mucosal surfaces such as asthma.

Dr. Leyao Wang receives grant to further COVID-19 research

Leyao Wang, PhD, MPH has received a grant from The Center for Diabetes Translation Research to help fund the study of factors underlying increased risks of COVID-19 infection and severe outcomes among people with diabetes.

Dr. Leyao Wang’s asthma and COVID-19 study published in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

Dr. Maya Jerath is co-leading the monoclonal antibody treatment at BJC

Asthma in COVID-19 suspected and diagnosed patients

Dr. Ofer Zimmerman joins the Department of Medicine

Dr. Brian Laidlaw joins the Department of Medicine

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