We offer a variety of diagnostic tests, including pulmonary function testing, exercise challenges and bronchial inhalation challenges, at three convenient locations to help evaluate patient lung function.

All testing is performed by a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT) with nationally recognized credentials from the National Board for Respiratory Care as a Certified Pulmonary Function Technologist (CPFT). All test results are interpreted by board-certified pulmonologists.

Tests offered

  • Full Pulmonary Function Test: Spirometry (pre- and post-bronchodilator, if warranted); Body Plethysmography for the measurement of lung volumes and airway resistance; and Diffusing Capacity (DLCO)
  • Spirometry Only (pre- and post-bronchodilator)
  • Maximum Voluntary Ventilation (can also be included in the full pulmonary function test)
  • Maximal Respiratory Pressures (MIPS/MEPS) (can also be included in the full pulmonary function test)
  • Six-Minute Walk Test (with or without supplemental oxygen titration)
  • Arterial Blood Gas Analysis (at rest and/or peak exercise)
    (Available only at the Center for Advanced Medicine location)
  • Methacholine Challenge
  • Exercise Challenge (Spirometry pre- and post-exercise)


Our Pulmonary Function Lab services are offered at our three locations: